Discussions about nothing

This page is to help us coordinate the nothings about which we have much to say.

The goal for this discussion is not to focus on a particular model and recent work by anyone (we have plenty of such talks), but instead on those gems of information that each of us has, but others may lack.

So the question we pose to you is: what key results are you awaiting? Are there particular non-LHC experiments that are coming up whose results could be very interesting? Are there specific analyses at the LHC (not just jets and missing ET, or leptons and missing ET, or jets and leptons - you get the idea) which might shed light in new ways that we don't know?

Basically, what's out there that we should all know about but don't?

I'll add links here for papers, talks, etc., that may be relevant... but it's up to you all to provide me those things!

ed. OK, there is an official subtitle, which is "Discussion on first signals, key signals and unexpected signs of new physics".


(home page ) (recent presentation ) (suggested by Neal)

PAMELA will be giving high energy positron spectra soon, which could show signs of dark matter annihilation. There were some earlier hints of this from the HEAT and AMS-01 experiments

A link to a recent talk by Mirko Boezio

Leptonic Ds Decays

(Dobrescu and Kronfeld, 0803.0512) (Recent update from CLEO) (suggested by Maxim)

New physics?

CPV in Bs Mixing

A summary from Moriond , which does not mention a controversial UTFit paper which claims evidence at better than 3 sigma, when combining all sources. (suggested by Alex)

Searching for httbar at the LHC

How well can we do? For the h->bbar channel, some discussion on page 45 of this talk by Karl Jacobs and in the gamma gamma channel, see 12.2 of the CMS TDR . (suggested by Sven)