"Distinguishing models of SUSY breaking and mediation"

This is the wiki page for the discussion next Wednesday 3/26/08. I have tried to start us off with some ideas/questions in an attempt to generate more than 15 minutes of discussion next week. Please add to this wiki page if there is something you'd like people to think about, or for me to say something about in the course of the discussion. If you are not wiki savvy please feel free to stop by and chat if you have some ideas or want something put up. -Patrick

Here are some possible subtopics and/or questions to think about for the discussion for next week (in no particular order and please add to this list...):

  • An overview/discussion of the space of mediation mechanisms for SUSY breaking (gauge,anomaly, gravity, mirage, etc feel free to bicker about any subtle classificiation scheme here and add your own favorite)
  • Are there distinctive signatures at the LHC for the various mediation mechanisms?
  • If there are "distinctive signatures" for mediation mechanisms, which of these are really robust and which are the artifacts of the concrete models we have written down?
  • What are the current bounds on the MSSM, thinking in terms of just a TeV scale effective Lagrangian?
  • If SUSY is right around the corner where is it most likely hiding?
  • If there are natural regions of parameter space that come out of various mediation mechanisms that aren't normally covered in terms of search strategies for the ATLAS/CMS groups what are the best methods for finding the signal?
  • What do string theorists think of Conlon's mirror mediation scenario: is it really a natural way to avoid flavor problems in gravity mediation?
  • How should we think about anomaly mediation and what it predicts, in light of some recent papers opposed to the conventional description? (see e.g. this by Dine and Seiberg or this by de Alwis)
  • How worried should we be about the little hierarchy problem, does it imply that there is physics beyond the MSSM within reach?
  • The mu-problem

Here are some possible references to the various discussion points listed above for those of you who feel a need to brush up or have some pearls of widom that you wish to share with the rest of us