Hello everybody,

Next Wednesday I will lead a discussion on tools for SM and BSM
physics. I have understood from several of you that you would prefer
an in-depth example of how to go about generating events using my
favorite tools rather than a wider exposé of all available tools.
Please let me know if this is not what you'd like to see.

If you have
  • some particular process that you would like to know how to generate
  • some (part of) a model that you would like to see how to implement
  • some particular issue that you would like covered
please let me know.

I also invite you to bring your own laptops so you can play with the
tools yourself. For that, I recommend you to register as a user of
MadGraph at http://madgraph.phys.ucl.ac.be / or
http://madgraph.hep.uiuc.edu/ before Wednesday.

If you want the possibility to run event generation on our clusters,
please send me an email after registration.

All the best,